Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Condo Association Annual Meeting

On Monday, Lumpyhead attended his first Annual Meeting of our condo association. He slept through half of it, and was quite well-behaved throughout the rest of the meeting. The building manager pulled out KEYS which were the most fabulous incredible entertaining toy ever, with the shiny and the jingling and OH MY GOD. Lumpyhead dropped the keys at one point, so we put them away, and the baby became enraged. We quickly gave the magic keys back.

After the meeting, our neighbors cooed and giggled at Lumpyhead. He smiled back and was, overall, a joy to show off. (Hobby Parent much, Bitch?)

On the way home from the meeting, we stopped by Aunt Bob and Peter's for a beer. We saw lights on in the family room, so I peeked in the window. Aunt Bob heard rustling outside the window and looked out just as my peering face was pressed against her window. It scared the crap out of her. [snicker]

Heh heh, even funnier than scaring the pants off Aunt Bob? Bump got elected to the Condo Board. [snicker snicker snicker SNICKER HAW HAW HAWE]

In other news, Lumpyhead has a new trick. He can clap his hands, which is cuter than fuck.

Oh, and we have a date for the butthole embiggening: April 14. Until then, I'm planning to pretend he's been adopted by the Cardinals' first baseman and call him Señor Pujols.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You said "Pujols". (snicker)

You also said "butthole embiggening".

Mom101 said...

You're lucky it's just keys. For our baby it's the laptop power cord she must must MUST have in her mouth THIS VERY INSTANT.

Aunt Bob said...

She doesn't do herself justice -- random prowlers roaming the neighborhood late at night, looking for beer, threatening you with attack by their ramora baby. You'd scream too.

(Is it just me or every time you leave a comment to you have to resist the urge to utilize your word verification word?)