Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Dumbass That Keeps On Dumbassening

Hey, some love! And wouldn't you know it. . .

So yesterday, I got a mention on DCblogs for last Saturday's post. Phenomenal, right? I was so psyched.

But then. . .oh yes. [heart stops] Yesterday. The day I went all stalker crazy girl and turned the blog into a Sarah fansite of nuttiness.

Cripes. The day I change the blog with the intention of sending people running for the hills (because, com'on, who stops by that often?) is the day I get noticed. It's like being called "hot" when you've got your finger up your nose. Bye bye, opportunity.

Maybe DCblogs doesn't get very many readers? [Bangs head against keyboard]

1 comment:

MappyB said...

:) It's all good. That's why we blog, right? Because we're all nuts?! Oh wait....it isn't??? Hm...