Friday, March 09, 2012

Huggies Blowout

Oops. I guess they thought they could sneak in their Hapless Dads campaign while all the penised parent bloggers were distracted by the Dad 2.0 Summit. Nice try.

The internet's abuzz and dads are rightly outraged. My husband is no longer buying their diapers.

Granted, my household's brand loyalty was built solely upon the diaper's "available for a reasonable price at Costco" feature.

Bump is too busy caring for the children to engage in philosophical debates over how dads are perceived by society. He's too busy preparing for a fantasy baseball draft to discuss his feelings about the depiction of fatherhood in ad campaigns. He's fast-forwarding through all the TV commercials anyway.

Also, we no longer need diapers.

Right. It's mostly that last thing.

Because we're still fully pull-up dependent, and I'm pretty sure Huggies makes the pull-ups.

But the "Dad Test" ad insults me. (Wait, this is not all about me?)

Those moms still exist, I suppose, who martyr themselves on the altar of Only *I* Can Do This Right. Who relish the idea of being validated when her partner in parenting flails and fails without her. Who can't finish her rant of HOW COME NO ONE APPRECIATES ME because she has to stop in the middle of it to tell you how you're doing something wrong.

Is this campaign for her?

Because I really hate her.

But then, I don't buy diapers.