Friday, August 05, 2011

3-D Glasses are Racist

Before my mother left - seriously, ten hours before she got on the plane - Bump and I decided that we needed to eek out the last little bit of Granny Nanny and went to a movie.

We saw Harry Potter in imax 3D and let me just say:
1. Wow. Holy fricken amazing.
2. $17.50 per ticket? Jebuz.

3. 3D Glasses are racist.

You know how - or maybe you don't - 3D glasses should sit about an inch from your face for optimum effectiveness? Well, that's hard if your nose doesn't have a bridge.

I'm just saying.

Aunt Bob suggested that there could be "Asian 3D glasses," but that would probably be EVEN WORSE.

I offered that at least those glasses would be good at math.