Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why Ide Outta . . .

Happy Ides of March.

Wow, such an eventful couple of days. Not only was it Steak and a BJ Day yesterday, it was also Pi Day. Hope you got your pie, porterhouse and hummer.

Apparently there's also Pi Approximation Day on July 22 (22/7), in case one celebration of a mathematical constant isn't enough. Can you imagine how pissed off the Golden Ratio is, what with Pi getting two holidays and Golden Ratio not getting one? I'd be mad.*

This is from an email exchange with my friend Jerry yesterday, who sent around some St. Patrick's Day tips with this note: "Some of these are pretty funny and good to keep in mind this coming holiday."

Me: "Coming holiday? You realize today is Steak and a BJ Day, right?"

Jerry: "Dammit. I forgot all about that. Is that today? Looks like I may have to leave work early. Though I did have a Smith and Wollensky (sp?) steak last night. Just, unfortunately, not the other thing."

For emphasis, allow me to repeat, "Just, unfortunately, not the other thing."

This sums up both Jerry's personality and general outlook on life. I think it has become his new tagline, although he doesn't know it yet.

*Note to Bump and Aunt Bob: yes, I had to look that up. I can't pull mathematical constants out of my butt you know. In fact, if you mention "Golden Ratio" to me in a month, I will have completely forgotten about this post and think you are talking about something dirty.

Note to everyone else: Bump and Aunt Bob are math geeks.

Secondary note to impugn myself (even though I was sure I never ever wanted to reveal this EVER but Aunt Bob and Bump always bring this up when I call them math geeks so I'm beating them to the punch): I was a cheerleader in high school. Yes. Stop it. We all have crosses to bear. But if you put me, Aunt Bob and Bump together and add beer, you get "Sine sine cosine sine! 3.14159!" Do it with pom poms. And large quantities of tequila. Repeat until you have no more friends.

Quite the tangent, huh?

(ar ar ar)


The Golden Ratio said...

This is bullshit! I want my holiday.

You were a cheerleader?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

now, now. If you get a holiday, then Pythagoras' Constant will want one, and then Theodorus' Constant will want one, and you know how pissy Imaginary Unit gets, what with all the jokes about his imaginary unit and all.

Yes, I was a cheerleader.

gabe said...

e is also ready to throw down.

Aunt Bob said...

What kind of pie do you bake to celebrate pi day?

Gidge said...

Is there any END to the pie you have to bake to celebrate Pi day?
I mean, I'm not sure I'd want to START that task......having a finite LIFE and all.

Dutch said...

crap I totally missed out on steak.

Devra said...

I went to Costco, does that count?

Heather said...

Cheerleader in high school?

Me too.