Monday, March 13, 2006

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Yammering

Okay, we're back to normal here at Lumpyhead. Such that it is. I guess "normal" was always a pretty relative term to begin with. Anyhoo, if your first visit to the site was today, and you're still hangin around: 1) Sorry, I'm not usually like that and 2) What is your deal? You're still here? Do you enjoy reading sites written by obvious wackos?

I thought it would be funny to go all stalker on Sarah, write a weird post, and then delete it. Because, come on, if you're gonna do total batshit nutjob, you gotta do total batshit nutjob right.

If you missed it, this is what the blog looked like for the past six hours or so.

While I think it's funny, I gotta admit, it even creeped me out a little bit.

Sarah and I met last night, and it was a lot of fun. She is, in fact, just as cool as she seems on her blog. We drank wine and gossiped about other bloggers. Yes, we talked about you! behind your back! ha ha ha ha ha. Well, actually, no. You never came up. Because we don't read you, remember? We gossiped about other, cooler bloggers. (I guess I haven't gotten the crazy entirely out of my system yet.)

When I got home - over three hours after I left - Bump told me, "You can tell your blog that I worried you and Sarah went all Thelma and Louise on us."

I'm not sure what I like most about that remark. The part where Sarah and I abandon them for a crime spree and meet Brad Pitt? Or the part where I "tell my blog" stuff. You know I write this blog, right, Bump? I don't "tell" it anything.

But sometimes it tells me stuff. Like how much I like Sarah. (cue creepy music)


tammy said...

I'm jealous, I wish I could hang out & drink wine with you guys. I hope she's said nice things about me, if not let me know so I can send you funny pictures of her!

Hey, wait a minute. You guys met, & now I haven't heard from Sarah in awhile - she's not dead is she?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

1) I'm not dead.

2) I can't wait for the Brad Pitt part. Am I Thelma or Louise?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Which one actually hooks up with Brad Pitt? You're the other one.

I wonder what Bump will do without me and Lumpyhead Jolie-Pitt? Maybe he can snag Angelina on the rebound.

Queen of Spain said...

I totally want wine now.

Devra said...

Good thing I decided not to kill Sarah, because had I decided I would do it, she wasn't home anyway.

MIM said...

We're kinda having together right now. Well, I'm having wine whilst reading you . . . does that count??