Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Li'l Buddy's Li'l Butty

Bump reports that he and Lumpyhead had a tough day yesterday. Lumpyhead woke up early - around 8am (that's very early for him) - and was overtired. He only took a couple of ten-minute naps during the day, which made him even more fragile. He farted a lot, which made him cry. (How sad is that? Farts are supposed to be funny, not painful.) He demanded to be fed pretty much non-stop, and ate a lot. No pooping, though. And the crowning achievement: he managed to flip his carseat over in the grocery cart and has a red mark on his lumpy head.

I fear Bump's feeling the weight of being a single parent, and the baby's earlier sleep schedule isn't helping. He hasn't gotten a break from full-time daddy for the last two days, and the shopping cart thing nearly did him in. Lumpyhead was asleep when I got home on Tuesday night Wednesday morning, and was still asleep when I left for work yesterday. I got home last night at 11:30pm, and only saw Lumpyhead for about thirty minutes before we both fell asleep. You know what Bump did in that thirty minutes of peace he had when I got home? He showered. Then he washed bottles and made up some more BREs (Bottle, Ready-to-Eat).

This morning Lumpyhead woke up at 8:11 am, which is just as I should be leaving. I stuck around a little longer than advisable, just so I could spend some time with him. I changed his diaper and danced with him a little, then deposited him on the bed next to Bump and flitted off to work, leaving Bump to another day in the trenches.

So I'm at work, buried under shitImustdo, and Lumpyhead is all I can think about.

And here's where the post degenerates into random mamababble:

The boys are going to see the cherry blossoms today, and may stop by the office for lunch. I hope Bump remembers to take pictures.

Bump says Lumpyhead wants to stand all the time, but keeps pulling himself up on things that aren't stationary, like his music gym. Or things he shouldn't be playing with, like the stereo. What happened to crawling? He just started crawling this weekend, although he's been getting around just fine by lunging and rolling. We haven't even babyproofed yet, and now we've got to guard against a cruiser? The hell?

Lumpyhead's top teeth are here. We could see them for awhile, but they're finally through for real. I could feel the left one over the weekend.

Today's title is from a Nana V email asking, "How's the Li'l Buddy's li'l butty?" I thought it was funny. It was that, or "Buttdate," a combination of "butt" and "update," but I thought that sounded too much like a bad experience.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent good wishes Lumpyhead's way. Your emails and comments are so encouraging; thank you from the bottom of Lumpyhead's new butt.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

As a stay at home parent, I can safely say that a shower can be the most important thing you can let us have.

I'm not kidding. I smell.

Mom at Work said...

It's certainly the most important thing you can let Bump have! We were wondering about that smell.

Seriously, though I never thought I wish so hard for poop. Can't wait to see the lil cruiser. I think we still have some plug covers and such in the garage.

Drove home via Independence to 15th last night. What a mistake! Every human on the East Coast (except certain dedicated public servants) was out looking at those trees. Hope they find a parking space if they go.

daddy in a strange land said...

The Pumpkin's best-friend-since-birth skipped crawling and started walking at 9-to-10 months (will be a year next month). After watching Pumpkin go from crawl to pull-up-on-everything to walk (without the intermediate stage of standing up still without touching anything) to now running and climbing EVERYWHERE in just a few months, I feel your pain.

And esp. Bump's. :) I take my shower at 6 a.m. so la dra. can take hers at 6:30, then have half-an-hour to eat and play with Pumpkin before leaving for work at 7:30. She gets back at 7:30 p.m. All those parents who tell us about religiously putting their kid down to sleep at 7 p.m. on the dot or some such crap make us crazy. So she's up till 9 usually, so la dra. can get some much needed mommy time.

And at this point, me? That's my computer time. :)

Hope Lumpyhead has some non-painful gas and b.m.'s soon (another one of those "never thought I'd say before I was a parent" kinda things).

T. Suzanne Eller said...

My daughter also went straight from sitting to standing. She crawled backwards for about a day and a half, and then stood on two feet and she was off! : )