Friday, March 17, 2006

IM with Stupid

"Stupid" would be me, not Electricyoak. I couldn't think of anything to post today, so I'm posting my IM conversation with Electricyoak from last week Friday.

me: dude. ENTERTAIN ME!
electricyoak: Wassssup
me: am bored. not because I don't have anything to do - I have LOADS of shit to do - I just don't want to do it. Say something funny so I can post it
electricyoak: This is like being at the Metrodome urinal next to 100 of your best friends too much pressure to perform.
electricyoak: I'm trying to download this which is supposed to be a takeoff of the SNL Chronicles of Narnia. Don't think I'm doing it right.
: I got it to work but it is taking a while to stream
me: I am SO entertained
me: that was awesome
me: don't like it? move your ass to Ft. Wayne
me: the Jim Davis stuff almost made me spit water. I managed not to spit, but then I dribbled on my shirt.
electricyoak: I just finished it. That was hilarious.

where is H this weekend?
electricyoak: knitting retreat. we are wild people
me: hoo boy. Knitting retreat? like at a cabin in the woods where you learn to trust your yarn?
electricyoak: something like that. My fantasy is that it is "Girls Gone Wild" but in fleece and long underwear.
me: where the ladies shriek over new bamboo number 10s?
electricyoak: I don't know what that means but probably.
me: um, never mind
me: so what do you and the dog have planned?
electricyoak: probably ribs and beer on the couch in our underwear
me: can you use Loyd as a napkin?
electricyoak: He'll lick me clean.
me: nice
me: or, ew
electricyoak: little from column A and a little from column B

I should be doing some other things. But I'm not.
me: I should be doing
some other things. But I am
not. How about you?
me: It's haiku
me: I think
me: or is haiku 7-5-7? that was 5-7-5
electricyoak: Very clever. I don't remember the count.
electricyoak: according to Wikipedia it is 5-7-5
me: well then, I rock.
electricyoak: Yes, yes you do.
me: well, dammit, write me a poem
electricyoak: The bone is needed/by the black dog bereft/of able dad type
me: Walk me, you bastard
all you do is sit there and
eat ribs. Please drop one.
electricyoak: I already did/you are now stepping in it/ha ha ha ha ha
me: lol
me: that was sweet


Anonymous said...

For the record, it's Addi Turbos that get us going...


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

What is an Addi Turbos?

Is Loyd a dog?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Addi Turbos are knitting needles.

Yep, Loyd is a dog.