Monday, March 27, 2006

Kites, Wine and Some Setbacks

Lumpyhead's first night post-surgery went very smoothly. I gave him some Tylenol after we got home from the hospital, and another dose during the night, but he didn't need any more after that. He woke up on Saturday morning all grins and gladness. He was in such great spirits that we decided to go with Aunt Bob and family to the Kite Festival on the mall.

How cute is Aunt Bob's Little Guy? So cute is the answer.

On Sunday, Sarah (she of the gorgeous fabulous new blog template) came to visit, bearing wine and the Ian half of the Goon Squad. How nice is that? So nice.

They didn't exactly play with each other, but they played near each other.

Yeah, Ian is playing with a basketball hoop while Lumpyhead is playing with . . . a catalog. That plus the fact that his mom keeps blogging about his butt is why he's going to be so screwed in middle school.

After a great weekend, Lumpyhead has taken a bit of a turn.

This morning Lumpyhead took his first attempt at a real poop through his brand new bunghole. Not successful. Much screaming and crying. After he calmed down, he had a bottle, then threw up all over. Not good.

Since then, he's been struggling to use his new poop chute to no avail. After being bounced from the surgeon to the pediatrician back to the surgeon, I spent most of the day waiting for a call back. We'll take Lumpyhead to the surgeon's office tomorrow to see what's going on.

He's had two more episodes of shrieking, tears and grunting this evening. He draws up his little legs and wails. His whole body shakes. At least he's no longer puking.

Why, hello Paralyzing Fear. I haven't seen you in awhile.

I also reread my last couple posts, and realized they were crap. Hard to read, difficult to follow, sentence fragments, odd italicized dialog . . .yipes.

Sorry. Here's hoping the next ones will be better. Don't count on it; the prospects for this one certainly don't look good.

In other news, Bump came back to town on Sunday afternoon and his mom left this afternoon. I'm glad she was here for this ordeal, especially since Nana V was out of town this weekend.

[thunk thunk thunk] That was my head against the table. Sweet merciful crap. I was trying to catch up on a little work from home because I didn't go into the office today. What would have taken five minutes from my desk took 30 minutes on the laptop. Then I closed the document and hit "no" when I was asked if I wanted to save my changes. [thunk thunk thunk] Why why why would I say no? Serves me right for making fun of Aunt Bob for losing that memo.

I'm opening that wine from Sarah now.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Poor poor little Lumpyhead! He was doing so well on Sunday.

Let me know if you need more wine, or tequila.

Aunt Bob said...

Wondered where you were yesterday. Sorry to hear about his continuing problems.

If I re-arrange my word verification it says "O U see a P U" which I take as a good poop omen.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

"a good poop omen".

You don't hear stuff like that every day.

Daddy L said...

Here I am blogging about The Boy's poo and Lumpyhead can't even. Now I feel guilty.

All the best at the doctor tomorrow! Next time The Boy taps a turd we'll be thinking about you guys.