Friday, January 06, 2006

Wow, These Blogger-Types are Nice

First off, many thanks to Dutch over at Sweet Juniper for the blogging advice. In my attempt to slavishly obey his every word, I've stumbled upon a mommysite I absolutely love.

I think Sarah hooked me by taking a vacation that included a horse head as a three-man hat. She totally won me over when she revealed she used to carry dice in her purse. (Although I'm a little disappointed that she "used to." I have five dice and a deck of cards in my briefcase at all times. Yes, I know they're a choking hazard. That's why they're in my briefcase and not in the diaper bag.)

Plus, she's recently moved to the DC area, so she's got the local angle to help suck me further and further into blogland. I'm hopelessly addicted.


tammy said...

Being a very close friend of Sarah's, I believe she still carries the dice. She also is one of the few that ALWAYS has a bottle opener!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Sadly, the dice are lost (along with my mind). I do have a bottle opener if you need one. And since you live near by...