Friday, January 27, 2006

In a Nutshell

I always look for these on other blogs, so here goes:

My son is nearly eight months old. His head is lumpy. He's very cute.

I'm the career half of a one-earner family; my husband is a full-time dad.

Having a stay-home spouse is terrific. It means I never worry about the quality of care my son is receiving, and I don't have to deal with late pickup charges or juggle dropoff responsibilities. It is very expensive.

I'm not opposed to daycare. I think daycare is a great way for kids to develop social skills early and learn about sharing, especially if they don't have siblings. It just isn't the choice my family is making. For now, anyway.

I work on Capitol Hill, and live in the Washington, DC area.

I work for the House of Representatives and live in Arlington, Virginia - to be exact.

My commute is about 9 miles one-way, and takes from twenty minutes to an hour and a half, depending on traffic. Average is about thirty minutes. I listen to NPR during the drive.

My best friend also works on the Hill - on the Senate side - and shares "breadwinner" status. She is a bad liar but a good bullshitter. Her son is almost three, and I love him like my own.

I'm Korean.

My parents are Dutch.

I'm adopted. ("ooooh. . . " is the usual response. Not ooooh rhymes with chew as in "cool, neato"; but enlongated "oh" rhymes with blow as in "that explains why you don't look like them.")

So I guess I'm Dutch, too.

I grew up in a very small town in southwestern Minnesota. My parents still live there, in the house I where I was raised. Almost all of my extended family lives in Minnesota.

I love beer, games of chance, wagers, tequila, popcorn, and my husband's cooking.

I enjoy games of skill or strategy, poker, golf even though I suck at it, vodka martinis, and corn dogs.

I could live without dessert, but not potato chips.


Dutch said...

when you say small town, you mean small town. whoa!

now I have to try to figure out which rep you work for. I would wager it's a republican, not because of what you've written but, well, because you're dutch, and all my dutch relatives are republicans. my wife isn't even dutch but she once worked on the hill for a republican (and we are raging liberals). those were more pleasant times when the biggest disagreement between the sides had to do with Bill's weener.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I work for a Committee, actually. I worked for a Member from MN when I first started on the Hill.

It's a good guess that I'm Republican, since there are more of them than us around here, but I'm a Democrat.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I can see the cute, but not the lumpy.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

The lumpy's not overwhelming (in the interest of full disclosure, I'm not pulling a James Frey here) but it's there. I'm sure a phrenologist would have a ball with the boy.

I also wanted to prove that even though I call him Lumpyhead, he's not a freak or anything.

Dutch said...

I was hoping you'd say that.

Dutch democrats are the best.

Corinne said...

A fellow NoVa native!!! And you work on the Hill... how cool is that! :) Found you by way of Sarah.

Dan said...

It sounds like you may be a little uncomfortable with your Korean background. I can help you understand rude Korean people and how they are not really rude at all. If you have any questions, send me an email. I'm a fed too.