Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Occupational Mileage

A post on Miles, etc. about division of labor got me thinking about how I view my job. I recognize that my little family would be monumentally screwed without income and health insurance, but Bump is changing the world.

It's not that I'm convinced Lumpyhead will grow up to make some huge mark on the global stage. But he certainly makes the world a better place for me and my husband, and our friends and family think he's pretty awesome, too. What could be more important that caring for him and providing a healthy environment for him to explore?

It's hard to leave for work in the morning, especially if Lumpyhead is awake. But I've found that since the little guy has been around, work has more meaning. Not because I'm doing anything more significant, but because providing for Bump and Lumpyhead has made what I do more important.

In so many ways, I've got the easy part. At work, I know what I'm doing. My duties are intellectually rewarding and my colleagues are fun. With some exceptions, my schedule is predictable and I can take regular breaks. For example, around midday I am able to eat lunch, chat with coworkers, or surf the internet. Bump juggles countless tasks that shift daily. I think if he manages to eat lunch, shower, and check his email it's an organizational masterwork. To my amazement, he often runs errands, buys groceries and cooks dinner by the time I get home - while handling a teething baby on an irregular nap schedule.

But he doesn't have to leave in the morning.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Some days I think going top work would be easier. Less crying.

Other days I feel lucky to get to spend this much time with my kids.