Friday, January 13, 2006

Does That Mean I'm Imaginary?

This post on Blogging Baby reminded me: people say stupid things.

When I was pregnant, I got all sorts of inappropriate questions. "Was it planned?" "Were you using birth control?" "How long have you been trying?" All these questions seemed to beg to be answered, "Well, we were having as much sex as we could!"

I think most of the time, people are just trying to make conversation, trying to show some interest in the event you've just announced. They could care less if you were using a diaphragm or the baby was a surprise, they just bumbled into an asinine followup. Other people are truly boors, and you might as well find humor in their idiotic statements.

When I arrived home for the first time, my parents received tons of visitors from miles around. I was the first Korean child adopted through Nobles County, and it was like a new baby at the zoo.

My mother recounts the following exchange, which she overheard during one of those moments when the house was full of well-wishers:

Old Bitty One: Didn't [my dad's brother] just have a baby, too?
Old Bitty Two: Oh, yes. But they had a real one.


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