Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What Do You Say?

On Sunday, Aunt Bob, Pete, and Aunt Bob's Little Guy came over to use the pool. After swimming, ABLG had a snack, played with some toys, and read a book with Pete and Lumpyhead. Before they left for home, ABLG asked if he could borrow our copy of Finding Nemo.

Bump's response: Sure! You want Toy Story and Toy Story 2 too?
Aunt Bob: Nemo will be fine.

We're a little, um, permissive when it comes to ABLG. In many ways, he's our first child, and if he indicates a preference for something, we'd give him four of it if we could.

So, as they were leaving, Aunt Bob told ABLG to thank us for the pool and the snack. "And Nemo!" ABLG reminded her.

So, perched against Bump's feet, ABLG chirped thank yous for potato chips, Nemo, then turned to Aunt Bob and asked, "What else?"

"The pool." Aunt Bob answered.

"Oh yeah, the pool too," ABLG added.

His ability to communicate astounds me. He's never had a problem getting his point across, but he has actual conversations now. He speaks in full sentences. He adds his own ideas and concepts to the chit-chat.

Meanwhile, Lumpyhead continues to prattle on in his baby babble, which Bump and I regularly translate aloud to one another.

Lumpyhead: Ahh. Ahh!
Translation: Give me a goddamn M&M!

Lumpyhead: Bah blah bah bah bah bah ah guh ah.
Translation: You fat fuckers eat one every time you walk by the bowl, but you won't give me one. God, you people suck.

He curses a lot.


Michele said...

I am the only one who speaks my kids language.

"Aah-gaat" - he wants to play with the vaccuum

"aah-dat" - he's hungry

You get the pciture. I laughed my ass of at Lumpyhead's m&m commentary. My mother (of all people) translates my kids grunts and babble when she is visiting. as I pulled Baby E away from the open dishwasher again the ither day, amid shrieks, she translated for "Bitch, get your filthy hands off me!"
Yes, their sweet grandmother interprets in prison speak.

Michele said...

I really could proofread before I post.

E :) said...

LMAO! I totally sympathise with his M& M fixation though!!!!

Lumpyheadsmom said...

That's awesome. I'm so happy someone else puts foul language into a baby's mouth, and I LOVE that it's the child's grandmother. Love it, love it, love it.

(and proofreading is for sissies)

Karin's Korner said...

oh my, you are so funny. I am sure your little lumpyhead keeps you in stitches all the time. Wonderful blog!!

Melissa said...

I'd curse a lot, too, if you were withholding the M&Ms from me.

Mom at Work said...

I think Lump says more than you give him credit for.

And little guy enjoyed the movie and loves you, Bump, and lumpyhead lots and lots.

Violet said...

I wish I could interpret what my baby says. Mostly when she talks I just repeat what she said back to her. She's probably saying "Stop bloody repeating me. I'm trying tell you something for godsake!"