Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'll Take Suggestions

My friend Dee had her first baby on the 8th. I got an email from her yesterday with some breastfeeding questions, which brought back a lot of memories of what it was like to be a new mom. It also made me think about how things are going to be different with this next kid.

When Lumpyhead was a newborn, we maniacally sterilized everything in a microwave steamer. We spent every available minute looking at him, holding him, or just watching the other parent hold him. I have a bazillion pictures of Lumpyhead just staring blankly into space (but he's so cuuuuute!).

Um, yeah. Next kid? Sorry.

Has your bottle been rinsed out since the last time you used it? Good enough. You probably won't get picked up unless you're screaming. Camera time without your brother in the frame? Good luck.


You'll have a partner in crime who will play with you, look out for you, and show you which finger fits up your nose best. He will show you that walking is neat and demonstrate how big kids use the potty and teach you the best cuss words.

I hope. At least you'll have someone with whom to commiserate when your father and I are driving you crazy.

I should probably come up with a name for you, little critter.


Em said...

Do you want real name suggestions, or are you still looking for the pre-natal nickname? Seth and Kelly (the Stiles variety) called theirs Pixel which I liked. Obviously you want something new, not a re-tread taken from some college aquaintances (sp?). My anti-spam word verification was rxgooaga which made me think of rox-a-gogo? Maybe better for my household, or if you knew it was a girl.

Daddy L said...

I've always been fond of historical names like Rasputin and Rapunzel.

Veronica Mitchell said...

I dreamed the other night that I looked into a cereal box for the toy surprise and there was my next baby instead. She said her name was Jane. But I don't think I can name my next real baby based on a cereal box dream.

We've found great real baby names by going through our family tree.

Devra said...

What about Devra?