Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh My Dear God

So, I could devote this post to how Bump's brother-in-law Jack went running tonight with Denise and Denefyoo in the double jogger. The stroller's front wheel came off during the run, face-planting both kids into the concrete and sending Jack flying over the wrecked heap of a stroller. And I could explain how Jack tried to call Bump's sister, but she didn't answer her cell phone, so he had to leave Denise with a total stranger while someone else gave him a ride to Bump's mom's place with Denefyoo. And I could recount how Jack came running in the house with a bloody child, deposited him with Bump's mom, and then raced back to the scene to get an even bloodier second child. There was much crying and howling and horror.

But the kids are fine, although a little bruised (poor sweet things). Jack is shaken, but not the complete mess Bump or I would be in the same situation (good man).

So if I told you that story, it would just get you all worked up over nothing, because everybody's okay. Jack didn't even hurt himself when he went hurtling over the face-planted children/broken stroller (amazing).

So, instead, I will ask you - using the tone of wonder one reserves for these kinds of things - if you knew about National Corndog Day.

Are you freakin kidding me? Corn dogs, plus tator tots, plus beer (and basketball, for those of you not already in a state of apoplectic shock). It seems that some sponsor even donates corn dogs if you sign up to host an official party. Free corn dogs. Oh my holy god.

[And no, I did not get a corn dog today. Dammit. We went to Two Lights in the afternoon where Lumpyhead got his first taste of lobster roll and I got sick on the trip. Fucking A. Then there was the whole Busted Stroller and Bloody Faces Incident, which I'll tell you about some day, and that made my nausea seem slightly trivial.]


nonlineargirl said...

Lobster rolls? First corn dogs and now LOBSTER ROLLS? The one great food I can not get on the west coast? Will you just cut it out already?

nonlineargirl said...

Chris saw me typing that comment and said "it's not the one great food. There's the bialy. Ooh, wouldn't it be great to get a bialy?"

Whose side is he on, anyway?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have an unrelated question.

How do you pronounce Denefyoo?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I think Chris is just being mean. I've never had a bialy and now I want one.

Denefyoo is pronounced like "Da Nephew." It might help to point out that my niece is not actually named "Denise."

Auntly H said...

Did you see that MN did not have a single NCD party in 2006? You should move here and correct this problem in 2007. We'll help (if we're in the country).

Anonymous said...

Oh, smack! I've been wondering about Denefyoo too, and I totally missed the joke!

I was thinking, wow ... they all have normal names and then they come out with this one weird, made-up, crazy name?! How tacky! (Yes, I was thinking ill about Bump's family. Sorry.)


P.S. Georgetown Bagelry has good bialys.

Mom at Work said...

Poor Jack!

CroutonBoy said...

I must--repeat, MUST--have a National Corn Dog Day party. Or Pronto-Pup Day party, as we used to call them in MN. Best idea I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing!

Gidge said...

Wait a minute.......there is a National Corn Dog day and I didn't know it! With my total obsession with fried food on sticks?
Shocking and horrifying.
I must make up for it by eating five.