Thursday, August 03, 2006

I’m On Vacation So the Posts Are Boring

Today’s weather was much more pleasant, which meant I was much more pleasant.

Bump, Lumpyhead and I started the day with a walk around town. Bump’s mom moved here recently, so this is my first visit to this little vacation spot in season. We wandered toward the midway, early enough in the morning that most of the shops were still shuttered and the air didn’t reek of fried food. Yet. Day-old oil, maybe, but fried food, no.

We walked by a pathetic-looking attraction called the Terminator (we assigned it the slogan “Ride With Me If You Want To Live”), saw luxury condos going up next to the once-glorious but now seedy Pier (I bet the marketing literature for the condos calls the Pier “historic” rather than “cheesy”), and learned that on Saturday we could take part in the Great Guinness Chug (Oh, if only I wasn’t pregnant).

Bump’s sister’s kids, Denise (nearly 4) and Denefyoo (19 months) came over in the afternoon. They wear me out. It makes me very, very worried about life with two children. Lumpyhead is fascinated by older children, and loves every minute with these two.

We hit the beach again, where Lumpyhead squealed incessantly at two men playing bocce. “Balls! Oh my god, many balls! Get me closer to the balls, Woman!”

Usually I’m feeling like absolute crap by 8pm, but I’m okay right now. Either I’m getting past the worst of the nausea, or a big fat afternoon nap plus a corn dog for dinner is the key to non-vomiting.

Bump’s mother is dedicated to So You Think You Can Dance. Bump and his stepdad have begrudgingly turned away from the Red Sox game for her to watch. I’ve never seen it before (Bump was subjected to it last night while I was asleep), and I’m not being very successful in my attempts to restrain the audible snickering.

I went out and bought a new camera before we left (the Canon), and I’m pretty pleased with the shots it’s been capturing. I thought I brought the cable with me, but either I didn’t or I can’t find it, and the end result is the same: no pictures with the posts until we get back.

So, that’s it for now. Happy Birthday to Auntly H, and woo fricken hoo for cooler weather.

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Auntly H said...

Confession time: we watched 'So you think you can dance' Wednesday night because there was NOTHING else on between 8 and 9 (really, I was just waiting for Project Runway). ElectricYoak recently cut a chunk of channels from our cable line-up because we're preparing to live off my salary while he goes to school. The ONLY option on the cable guide that looked worth tuning into was 'The Dog Whisperer,' but that's on a channel we no longer get. Lately I watch TV one night a week. And yet, I watched "so you think you can dance" this week. I feel like I should post as anonymous today.