Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well, Dammit, If You're Not Going to Tell Them, I Am

I meant to give Aunt Bob shit about this last night at poker, but Bump went instead because I was feeling - you guessed it - pukey. God, I'm so bored with nausea I am rolling my eyes as I type that.

But, but! Exciting! Aunt Bob has a shiner.

The coolest, rockingest, mutherfucken-badass-lookingest black eye you've ever seen. At least it was on Wednesday. She was supposed to take pictures of it every day and post them on her blog, so we could all see it turn from tough-chick purple to sick green to babypoop yellow.

But she has not done so yet. I am so sad.

I hope she at least remembered to take pictures of it.

Honest to god, it is so cool.

She had to buy some sunglasses to cover that shit up so she could 1) look respectable outdoors (and high or aloof indoors) and 2) be able to unveil the sweetness at precisely the right moment for proper dramatic effect.

Okay, she bought them for Reason 1. But Reason 2 is a nice side effect.

So go bug her and ask her to tell you about that slamming bruise she's wearing on her face.


Mom at Work said...

My camera BROKE. Ugh.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

It's too bad I was out of town, or I would tell people we got in a fight.