Monday, April 03, 2006

We Have Poop, People!

Results of the new and improved, surgically embiggened butthole road test are in: and it's a success! Woo hoo! You've never seen someone so excited over a dirty diaper in your life.

Lumpyhead had a couple little poop squirts since the horror that shall not be spoken, but no real poop until today. We have a follow-up with the surgeon on Wednesday, so started him back on solids over the weekend. We figured if Lumpyhead hadn't taken a dump by mid-week, we would want to see the doctor anyway, so we might as well use the schedule to our advantage. He had some pears and cheerios on Saturday, and yesterday packed away a stunning amount of pears and cheerios, followed by a huge dessert of green beans. He's also been drinking a lot of breastmilk lately. He was loading the cannon, he just wasn't firing. Until this morning.

Bump just called me to report the news. "It wasn't just a little poop. He filled his diaper. And it was steeeeeenKEY!" Lumpyhead seemed a little uncomfortable while passing it, but he didn't cry.

Yay. Then Bump put Lumpyhead on the phone so I could congratulate him.

This is very happy news after several days of poop-related stressing (Oh my god, what if there's something wrong with his lower digestive system, and his poop chute was just fine? Did we put him through surgery for nothing? What if he never poops unassisted again? What if those watery poops a couple days ago were just what could fit past a terrible mass in his colon? Will the doctor have to dig again? I don't think I can be in the room if that happens again.) and hawkishly watching Lumpyhead for every little cue (He's eating a lot, what do you think that means? He hasn't pooped yet, but he doesn't seem to be grunting and straining, so that must be good, right?).

So the blog that has become All Poop, All the Time may contain less poop-related yammering in the future. While I've been obsessed with literal shit, developmental shit has been happening, like crawling and pulling up and standing and cruising. Perhaps upcoming blog entries will focus on how Lumpyhead seems mildly amused by the word "no," and not on his bunghole. Here's hoping regular (in the "normal" sense and the "non-occasional" sense), smelly, bountiful bowel movements become commonplace in our household.

Also, let's hope my son continues to poop when I'm at work and off the hook for the stank.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

If you need extra reassurance, might I suggest peaches?

Peaches work wonders. It won't be pretty.

nonlineargirl said...


If you can get the boy to poop during your away hours, I will be really impressed. I tried to convince Earlygirl to hold it until dad got home, but for some reason she was unconvinced.

Queen of Spain said...

Hooooray for the new poop chute!

Daddy L said...

Whoo Hoo! Go Poo or Go Home!