Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Performance Review

So there’s this guy.

I’m not his boss, but I certainly hold sway over his career path.

He says to me, “I think I want a promotion. I deserve a raise.”

What do you say to that?

Yes. Your performance has been exemplary. You deserve at least twice your current salary.

“I’ll do what I can,” I promised.

And I will. But some things are out of my control. I can’t make any guarantees.

I don’t fear this guy quitting over this. He won’t. He can’t.

He’s dedicated to his current position. While he wants more and deserves more, he loves this organization and would never leave.

If he doesn’t get a raise or a promotion, I don’t think he will be angry. Disappointed, maybe, but not upset.

I want - more than anything - for him to be happy in his current post.

So I’ll do my part. I’ll put in a good word for him with the Big Kahuna. I’ll try to make it happen for him.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

1 comment:

Gidge said...

I love it when they tell me what they want, even when they know I can't make it happen.
I mean, like I can WAVE A WAND and make it happen.
Performance reviews happen on day X. Raises are given at that time.
Have a nice day.