Monday, April 17, 2006

My Weekend in Pictures

by Lumpyhead


Dinner with friends. Those bastards put me in the sailor suit again. Except this time, instead of just taking my picture, they brought me out in public.With the hat, even.I'm drinking to cope with the shame.


Football on the Mall. They didn't give me any playing time, made me wear sunscreen, and wouldn't give me a bloody mary. I had to steal this garnish.Buncha jerks.


Easter Basket with Nana V and Doc. Sweet!
Also, chase old feeble cat. But catching the cat, honestly? Is not as much fun as you'd think.

Then, Easter Dinner in Baltimore, walk in the sun, play with dog.
Note the new outfit, because I spewed a technicolor green beans/milk mixture on the first one. Serves 'em right. Put me in a dry-clean-only linen suit for Easter, will you? Suckers.

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nonlineargirl said...

Nice of you to let the boy take control of the blog. Earlygirl's always bugging me to run the blog, but so far I have resisted.