Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Dummy Holder

A few Sundays ago, Bump, Lumpyhead and I went out to lunch. We went late, so as not to disturb other diners with our child. Plus, we didn't wake up until early afternoon, so lunch at the regular time wasn't an option. Lumpyhead slept in his carseat almost the whole time, and didn't make a peep once he woke up.

After lunch, Bump suggested we go to a little toy store nearby. The place is cramped because it is chock full of fun. I carried Lumpyhead around, and he gazed at all the pretty, pretty colors.

He gazed until his eye fell upon a particularly delightful toy, to which he responded by squealing.

Me: [bounce baby up and down] shhhh, shhhhh.
Lumpyhead: eeeeee! [reaching]
Me: Do you like that? [fan out several versions of the toy] Do you like the one with the ladybug? Do you like this blue one better? Ooh, look. Here's one with a-
Lumpyhead: EEEE! EEEEEEE! (translation: Why must you vex me, Woman!? I have made my demands clear. GIVE ME the thingy! The thingy! THE ONE ON TOP. Oh Good God Woman you are an eeediot.)
Me: [hand the baby the first one]
Lumpyhead: [gnaw gnaw gnaw]
Me: [to Bump] I guess we're buying this.

We squeezed browsed around the store a little longer, while Lumpyhead chewed on his new prize. I checked the price and nearly fainted.

Ahem. Note to self: next time, look at the price before you've given the baby the toy to chew on.

Fifteen dollars later, we were the proud owners of this lovely wooden German-made strangulation hazard:

(The carpet stains have always been ours.)

It's a pacifier or small toy holder that you can clip to the baby's shirt or stroller. The packaging called it a "dummy clip," and Bump explained that some Brits call pacifiers "dummies." (Me: Oh. I thought they were just insulting me for paying $15 for a wooden piece of crap.) It has a "safety release" - that red double-cone shaped* piece - which comes apart with a little pressure, so it's actually not a baby deathtrap. Still probably not worth fifteen bucks. Fifteen bucks would buy a big martini! In a fancy bar!

Okay, it was worth it, because Lumpyhead loves it. He kept it in one hand for the rest of the day, even when he was playing with something else.

*I'm sure there's a word for that shape, but I don't know what it is. Anyone?


Odd Mix said...

Double Cone Shape works for me.

Congrats on the successful embiggenation road test.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm thinking that the yellow cubes are what pushed it over the $10 mark.

Just for future reference the carpet stains were the part that made me laugh the hardest. And the part that made my jaw drop, was not the $15 toy, but the part where you got to sleep past lunch. I swear I haven't slept later than 9:15 since my children have been alive.

nonlineargirl said...

polyhedron. Ok, that's cheating, a polyhedron is any multi-sided object. (but look, being married to a mathematician HAS to be good for something.)

Gidge said...

Wait a minute.
Those look like MY carpet stains.
Now you're copying MY carpet stains?
First Sarah's blog, now my carpet stains.
That's just bizarre.

mo-wo said...

We have one... I hope I didn't pay that much for it! But I probably did... After a year of ownership Miss Fancy still loves hers... if that makes you feel any bettter.