Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have nothing interesting to say. I can hardly put a sentence together. But hey! I'm posting anyway!

We bought a camcorder in January. My plan was to download the video to the computer and then burn DVDs for loved ones, but we haven't been able to conquer the technology yet. This makes me feel:
a) dumb. How hard can it be? How is it possible that I can't get the right cord or find the firewire port on the laptop?
b) cheap. Maybe I should have spent a little more and gotten a higher-end camcorder. Or I should get a newer laptop.
c) guilty. The grandparents have been waiting for their videos for months.
d) tired. Who has time for this? I've also got a monumental pile of laundry, which is a bad thing when you only have three pairs of pants that fit.

Who am I kidding? Even those pants don't fit very well. Turns out my size 10/12 waist and 4/6 ass don't fit into a size 8. Another downfall of my new shape? Those self-deprecating comments about my "fat ass" that have become routine over the past couple of years don't come across as self-deprecating any more. People just find them kinda puzzling.

Lumpyhead's getting more teeth. His two top front teeth are in, see?

Blurry photo! Also, boogers!

The ones next to the top front teeth (whatever they're called) are also coming in. You can see the top nubs when he smiles really big (or when he's crying and instead of picking him up and comforting him, you try to take a picture of his mouth, but the picture comes out blurry. Also with boogers.)

Ech, what a terrible post. I started a post about insecurity, again, but even that was boring. Blah blah blah.

At least you got to see boogers.

Oh, and nothing on the baby model front as of yet. (You: You're surprised? After the boogers?)

Even more troubling, no poop since Monday. (No! Poop! Since Monday! Monday!) (That probably doesn't sound anything like the Beastie Boys' No Sleep Till Brooklyn in type.) Sigh.

So, that's a really long way to say, "What's new? Eh, nuthin."

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nonlineargirl said...

Well, you made my husband laugh when I read it aloud to him. Plus, he says he'll be singing "No Poop Since Monday" all day. So your post isn't a bust after all.