Thursday, January 29, 2009

Defying Both Nature and Nurture

Lula was playing with her new magnadoodle when she dropped the pen. I heard her very clearly utter the word "Shoot."


Not shit. Not fuck. Not goddammit.

Not even crap.

My daughter - my daughter - said "Shoot."

I have no idea where she gets these things. Maybe her grandmother taught her to say that.


jen renee said...


Heather said...

The other day Miles said "I just tooted."

I was right on him. "Who taught you that word? We don't say toot. We say FART."

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

It could have been me. I watch my language around your children.

Violet said...

where's the fun in euphemisms? "Bum", "fart" and "poo" all cause much merriment in our household.

Becky said...

Have you been letting her watch too much television?

Em said...

I know I'm very behind the times, but it shocks me that she is already able to speak.

mo-wo said...

Is she two yet. The nuthatch proved yesterday that around two our children learn to say fuck with great aplomb.

Yes, that was just an excuse to use the word aplomb