Monday, January 12, 2009

Answers to Friday's Quiz

1. Lula.The pink heart on her outfit should have been a dead give-away.

2. Lumpyhead.On the occasion of his first rice cereal.

3. Nathan Jr.On the occasion of his first rice cereal. Blue bib is the clue there, but the pink spoon and purple seat might have thrown you off.

4. Nathan Jr.Bump is wearing the same shirt as in #2. Just trying to mess with you.

5. Lula.Looking skeptical. She looked skeptical a lot.

6. Lumpyhead.With the remote, in the condo.

7. Nathan Jr.With a new remote, in the rental house (not that you can really tell - and Lumpyhead wore that sleeper, too).

8. Lula.Not that you can see her face, but it's Lula. She's got Lumpyhead's blanket over her. Here's a case where too much knowledge might trip you up.

9. Lula.Grinning goofily, and it would be a great photo if it weren't for my finger coming out of the side of her head.

10. Nathan Jr.He's on the new sofa, which we didn't have when the other two were babies. (But there's really not enough of the sofa in the shot to give that clue. He is covered in his blanket, though, so that's an easy marker.)

11. Lumpyhead.Impossible to tell without the date stamp, because all three of them wore that sleeper. I haven't seen that pastel plaid blanket since Lumpyhead was a baby, but if I were going by face alone, I would have guessed Nathan Jr.

12. Lula.Clever, huh? The identifying bits are covered up there. Sorry for my fat head in the way.

13. Nathan Jr.Dimples. I would have guessed Nathan Jr for the dimples, but honestly, I would probably have guessed Nathan Jr for all of them.


Xdm said...

That was HARD!!!!

Em said...

Thanks for the answers. I still can't tell Lumpyhead and Will apart, but Lula's eyes are bigger, so I could figure her out some of the time.

Melissa said...

MAN! I only guessed #1. But since I've never seen any of them, your house, or their blankets, I choose to still be impressed with myself. Except for #8-- I was going to guess Lumpyhead, because a man with more than one child would have more serious undereye circles, right? But I guess not. Maybe you all just get more sleep than we do somehow.

Anne said...

Dang! I only got about two of those right, and I see them pretty frequently. That's sad ...

Violet said...

The Lula ones were easier to spot, but your boys are so similar. Might they be twins, frozen as embryos and gestated several years apart?

The Preschool Teacher said...

Only 8/15 I suck. lol