Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More About Bangs (Also, Please Tell Me To Shut the Hell Up Already About Bangs)

So, Lula's hair. Right.

While I was at work last Friday, Bump attended a playdate with other families from Lumpyhead's preschool.

Bump reported that no parent at the playdate would weigh in on the issue of Lula's hair. (He's certain no one wanted to be named as the culprit when he came home and reported that "_______ agrees we need to cut Lula's hair."

He did, however, report the following conversation:

Bump: She really needs a haircut.
Other Mother: So is cutting her hair an ongoing debate in your house?
Bump: Oh, there's no debate. Both positions are firmly held, and no one is changing their minds. If only she would keep clips or ponytails in her hair, it wouldn't be an issue.
Other Mother: Oh, I know. Mia [her six-year-old] wouldn't keep things in her hair, either.

Mia has bangs.

So, shall I interpret her position as "You should give in and cut her hair, just like I did with my daughter" or as "Don’t do it! Don’t give in like I did or Lula will have bangs her entire life, just like Mia!"

Version 2, right? RIGHT? (read that last part in a very, very threatening manner)


kenandbelly said...

For Christmas, my mother made us a decorative retrospective of my childhood (why, oh why, did she always decide to give my bangs a fresh "trim" before school pictures? WHY?). It proves Version 2 to be the wiser interpretation.

The beauty of your stalemate is that its a default victory for you! Would your more frequent wearing of clips and ponytails be an example that would reinforce your position?

De in D.C. said...

Cut the length of her hair in back equal to the length of hair in front. No need for bangs and you can get pity looks for having the little girl with a bowl cut.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Just buy some gel.

She can bring back "The Wet Look".

nonlineargirl said...

We waited it out and got past the really hard part. I suggest waiting unless Lula is REALLY committed to nothing in her hair. In that case, even with long hair all over, she'll have hair in her face. Ada will play one handed, while the other hand holds back her hair so she can see. If I approach with a hair tie she'll allow me to put it in, but clips are pretty much out.

Mamma said...

Believe it or not we're having a similar discussion at our house--and I have three boys.

I've been chasing them around with hairbands trying to make pig tails.

They still refuse the haircuts.

Something about cool skater dudes or something...whatev.

merseydotes said...

I should forward you pictures of Petunia from when she was Lula's age. We resisted the bangs and got comments for months (maybe a year?) from family about how unkempt her hair looked all the time. It was true - it was crazy and flyaway and impossible to do anything with. Eh. We got through it and now Petunia has the cutest, sassiest haircut around. We regularly get compliments on her hair. I am happy we didn't give in to the bangs.

Em said...

don't give her bangs. just hold out and eventually her hair will look cute. lucy won't tolerate anything in her hair either and i just got used to it being in her face.

Teresita said...

Bump - do you ready this?

I think to be fair - you should cut one side of her bangs. Then you would have a true stalemate rather than letting your no-bangs obsessed wife run the show.