Monday, January 05, 2009

The Magic of the Holidays

Bump's mother insisted on family pictures in front of the Christmas tree. We warned her it was probably not the best time.

The photos are Awesome.
Please take note that while Lula is wearing her Christmas gown, Lumpyhead and I are still in our pajamas.

While this photo is truly awful of everyone, it isn't the worst photo of Bump from the session.


This is:
You can even tell that I am physically restraining Lumpyhead, because the clenched-teeth promise of three jellybeans when Grammy is done had clearly lost its gleam.

Also: Lula so DOES NOT need a haircut, SHUT UP.


Becky said...

Ahhhh ... the true meaning of Christmas. :)

Em said...

How old is that Cutler's t-shirt?

Julie said...

Grandparents have the best ideas, don't they?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You are an evil wife.

I might even hold it against you if your husband hadn't TRASH TALKED me on your Christmas card.

Melissa said...

Aw yeah.

xdm said...

I love me some Schadenfreude.

bozoette said...

"Ma! I said NOT YET!" *click*

Daddy L said...

Being Asian and all, my parents are Family Picture crazy.

You have my sympathies.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

mo-wo said...

I love you and I love Bump just a little more today. That picture is awesome. Will you do that to Lumpyhead someday? Take a picture like that?

AnnieOoooooooooh said...

I know this is unfair as a single woman with no kids, but oh... my... goodness. Honestly, this might be the funniest thing you have ever posted.