Friday, January 09, 2009

Which Baby Is It?

We got a new home computer last month. It's wonderful. We no longer have to limp along on my work laptop, we have a real internet connection again, I can edit video, and there's even a slot for my camera's memory card - I don't have to dig the USB adapter out of my bag, I can just shove the card right in there.

But the best thing about the new computer, the thing Bump and I love the most, is the screensaver.

I know that's dumb.

But the screensaver cycles through all my digital photos - from the crazy beach trips before we had children to the most recent shots (including those shitty family portraits in front of the tree from a few days ago). We can sit for hours and just stare. Even Lumpyhead and Lula like it, every once in awhile stopping what they're doing to shout "Who's that?" or "What's that guy doing?" Bump and I are relieved that the program cycles fast enough that by the time we get over to the computer it's too late to have to respond "Oh, that's Annie O with her bra on her head" or "That's called 'Flip Cup,' Sweetie."

Most of the photos are of the kids, though, with the computer randomly picking a shot from the last four years. But without a date stamp, the baby who pops up on the screen might be any one of them, and often we're forced to play the "Which Baby Is It?" game.

Sometimes it's easy. Clothing is the best hint. Is the baby wearing pink? A dress? That baby is Lula. Is the baby wearing a helmet? Then it's Lumpyhead.

Sometimes context provides enough clues. Is the baby in the rental house? Then it's Nathan Jr. Is the baby in the condo? Then it's not.

This is probably only a high-stakes game if you're supposed to know my children very well. If you've only met them on the blog, then it doesn't really matter if you can't tell Lula from Nathan Jr. But for us - you know, their parents - it's a little embarrassing not to be able to tell which baby is which.

Wanna play? Here we go.

Lumpyhead, Lula, or Nathan Jr?














vuboq said...

OMG! I think they are all the same baby!

And, Picture #9? totally cracked me up :-)


Em said...

Cary suggests a calendar with just baby pics of your kid. I think I can tell Lula by the eyes at times, but the boys have me stumped.

Violet said...

I reckon some of those are actually baby pictures of my kid.

The Preschool Teacher said...

2. Nathan Jr?
3. Lumpy
4. Lumpy
5. Lula
6. lumpy
7 Nathan

Do I win a prize?!?!?! lol

AnnieOooooooooooh said...

This was a ploy to get me to comment on your blog, wasn't it??

In the random flipping through pictures, are there any instances which the correct answer is "that's Jerry, and for some reason still unclear to all of us, he did in fact HATE having that pretzel around his neck?" Or, "Because Mommy just really likes having a lamp shade on her head, honey." Or, "Yes, a King is HIGHER THAN A queen!" Anyway.

On the game front, I agree Lula is the easiest... but they all are really darn cute!!!

Jill said...

Not sure about the boys, but I'm saying that Lula is 1, 5, 8, and 12

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I can tell all of the Lula ones and I'm pretty sure that Lumpyhead is the one ion yellow, but I can't tell the boys apart.