Thursday, January 08, 2009

Top Bangs

Listen, Melissa's elimination on Top Chef last night was a long time coming. Ditto for you, Eugene. Carla, you're going to be eliminated next week, so you'd better cook that vegetarian dish while you've got the chance.

Hey, you know what? THIS:
is Exhibit A in the Why I Won't Give Lula Bangs argument.

My hair is no styling triumph, either, but Come. On.

And sometimes Lula lets me pull her hair back into a little topknot,
and it's really cute,
and even though she pulls it out about 4.5 seconds later . . .

May I remind you:
I rest my case.


David Dust said...

Was there really someone named "Melissa" competing on this show. I seem not to have noticed her...

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Violet said...

If Lula can live without bangs, then why not leave her hair alone. She'll need them soon enough, to cover up acne.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You have a good point.