Friday, June 09, 2006

The Linked Post Doesn't Make Much Sense Because Sarah's Blog Doesn't Look Like That Anymore

I dithered about whether or not to post the, ahem, news. We didn’t openly share Lumpyhead’s existence until the start of the second trimester. I was a little superstitious, and more importantly, we didn’t want to have to un-tell people.

The people who knew about Lumpyhead from the start were the people we would have told if there were any problems or a loss. They were the people whose love and shoulders we would need if the unthinkable happened.

I’m a little uneasy about having this out there. Our parents don’t know yet. I’m not sure how I feel about strangers knowing before our families.

But I know this: I blog about what’s on my mind, and if anything is large and looming and distracting and ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT, it’s this. I don’t know how I could write around it.

I also know that during Lumpyhead’s surgery, the support and good wishes I received from the blogosphere were so uplifting - so overwhelming - I don’t know what I would have done without them.

So you know. I told my blog.

(You: You told your blog but you didn’t tell me? How could you? Me: You know about it now, don’t you? Shut up.)

So there it is. Can I get a little discretion, though, Real Worlders? At least until we tell our parents? Congratulate me privately or pretend you don’t know (even though I see you, lurking. I see you! Would it kill you to comment?) or help me keep it quiet. Bring me a club soda or give me a secret wink but for the love of god don’t ask me loudly why I’m not drinking.


And for those of you waiting with bated breath for Fork You, the next installment in the Drinking Game Challenge, sorry. It will be awhile. But I promise, once I'm back in the drinking saddle, Fork You: The Long-Awaited and Over-Hyped Drinking Game That Will Probably Be So Very, Very Lame will make its debut.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We'll try.

The good news is I only actually know Mommy at Work and The Big Guy, and they already know, so I should be safe not letting it slip out at an inappropriate time.

Wait - The Big Guy knows, right? He says he doesn't read blogs.

Heather said...

Wait, you mean you are pregnant??? I must be really stoopid. I read your last post and thought you just had a false alarm. HOLY SHIT! That is fantastic news!! I promise I won't tell your mom but I may let the news slip to Nana V, cause we talk all the time.

(Now who's the creepy one?)

daddy in a strange land said...

Holy Crap! You weren't kidding?

Congratulations! Good thing you only had a scant half-bottle of wine or so at our fancy-schmancy dinner last week! ;)

Good luck, and don't forget to hit up la dra. for free medical advice. :)

And tell Bump that now that he's gonna be the SAHD of 2 under 2, he HAS to start a blog!

mo-wo said...

diasl is onto something about Bump's destiny to blog! andd.... congratulatiooooonnnnnnns! yay I almost thought only children were new black and I was caught out the kid wearing floral taffetta. sooper coolage to score the lumpyheadsmom back in the breeders cup.

ok, dork, out!

Lori said...

I can't tell anyone. Well, not anyone who would know that what the hell I was talking about - except Sarah, but, she already knows!

Happy Happy to you!

The Former Lurker - Lori

laurie said...

wow! congratulations! how honored are we! and i've never even met you or anyone who knows you (although i do live in nc, so perhaps that wedding you went to a few wkds ago would yield some people-in-common) and yet, i know! hope you continue to feel not nauseous (except for those 2 times), and that your boobs stay pain-free (mine did too when i was pg with my twins), and that you get no heightened sense of smell that makes even being near alcohol or someone who has consumed alcohol in the past 3 hours worse than walking into the duke lacrosse house the day after one of their parties (not that i would know anything about either of those things, pg or not), and that you don't have to suffer any of the other indignities we baby pods have to suffer in public.

again -- congratulations! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ElectricYoak might have stopped reading at the TMI alert, but I'll fill him in on the blogformation when he wakes up.
Congratulations to That Guy on his promotion.
Since I'm rather slow and missed all the hints, I certainly can't do the math. When is 'the blessed event' anticipated?
Also, we're in need of details on the MN visit. We MUST see you in our fair state (with Pronto Pups in hand?).

-Auntly H.

Mom at Work said...

S- Big guy knows but not the little guy. He'd blab.

LHM- Maybe we should try some blogger comment names out. Today I present "zelak."

Queen of Spain said...

Whooo Hooooo

Alison said...

I couldn't resist that hyperlink on Sarah's page. Glad I clicked through to read some happy pregnancy news. That's a good kind of secret. Congrats. Have you calculated a tentative due date yet?

(I might be delurking. I can't remember if I've commented here before or not.)