Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family from a Strange Land

On Friday, Lumpyhead, Bump and I met Daddy in a Strange Land, la dra. and The Pumpkin. We spent waaaay too much on a fabulous dinner, the babies behaved pretty well, and it was quite wonderful to meet people who - despite being perfect strangers except for what you read on a blog and who live on the other side of the country - are exactly like you in so many ways.

Aren't they cute? Couldn't you just eat 'em up?

The Family from a Strange Land is wrapping up a two-week East Coast tour while their kitchen is in the midst of a remodel. Their ability to do this, all with a 19-month-old, amazes me. I would be a quivering bunch of goo, occasionally popping my head out of random hotel rooms to get more beer, hissing at Lumpyhead "Don't touch that! It's dirty!"

Them? They're out meeting bloggers, seeing the sights, and possess the intestinal fortitude to take their toddler to a fancy-pants restaurant. They even gave Lumpyhead a birthday present.


I could barely keep it together on a four-day trip to North Carolina where I was surrounded by in-laws eager to hold the baby so I could eat. If my kitchen were being remodeled, I don't think I could cope. I can barely handle moving - when all my stuff is in boxes and nothing is where it should be - the thought of having a room in my house under construction nearly sends me to my bed.

So yes. While meeting Daddy in a Strange Land was terrific, it confirmed my status as a whiny wimp.

But look! Pictures! Of cute babies!

The Pumpkin and Lumpyhead
The restaurant follows dessert with cotton candy and warm macaroons. I think because we had two babies at our table, they gave us more cotton candy than usual.
Yes, it's bigger than her head.

And finally, bloggers with progeny:


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Is this where you take all of your blogging first dates?

It looks like you guys had fun.

daddy in a strange land said...

LM, we had such a good time with you on the Hill and with you, Bump, and Lumpyhead at what is probably gonna be our last "nice restaurant" meal for a looong time (I mean, we live in Bakersfield).

I'm glad our "put-together" act fooled you. ;) We, on the other hand, were awed by your superior gastronomical and enological knowledge, and just pretended we knew what we were talking about. ;) ("Um, what wine goes with what entree? Uh...I don't know, what do you think?")

We made it back to SoCal this morning tired but in one piece, and are kickin' it at my 'rents for the night before going back to see the condition of the house. :( I promise to get off my ass and get lots of content up on DISL and Rice Daddies this week, baby and house-stuff permitting.

And if, for some inexplicable reason, you ever find yourself in Bako, we'll take you out to Basque food (where there's only one wine: red!). :)

tammy said...

I'll be there, with my kids, in July... I hope I'll get to met you then!

Mom101 said...

Sounds like we're on similar paths lately, although I need a little more cotton candy in mine. Thanks for the reminder!

MetroDad said...

We had the pleasure of meeting Clan Daddy a few weeks ago in New York. Aren't they a cute family? My daughter absolutely fell in love with The Pumpkin. Couldn't stop hugging her. Glad you met them as well.

Mmm...cotton candy.