Friday, June 16, 2006

Things I'm Re-Learning

If you have a minor problem with motion-sickness anyway, and you read your blackberry on the metro while newly pregnant, plan to become really, really sweaty from the nausea.

If you forget to take your prenatal vitamin at night, so take it in the morning, be prepared to gag intermittently for several hours.

Duet chewable prenatal vitamins are the nastiest-ass shit you've ever tasted. The aftertaste is a combination of three-day old trash that's been left in the sun, funky fridge, and spoiled meat (with a hint of oak and new-mown grass); and there's nothing you can do to get rid of it. If you swallow them whole instead of chewing them, they get stuck about half way down and you can feel the mass for at least an hour.

WTF? Is that some kind of joke? Create a disgusting product specifically for an audience that's already feeling a little queasy?


That is all. For now.

Crankily yours,
Lumpyhead's Mom Sibling-Pod


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Prenatal vitamins are the worst kind of punishemnt.
I mean - you're already sick, AND you can't have a beer to kill the taste.


Colleen said...

When I was pregnant I took Duet (non-chewable -- am still taking them during breastfeeding). My morning sickness was bad early on so I started taking them at night. That helped a little, but their stench still made me want to hurl.

Why are prenatals so nasty???

la dra said...

I think it's a moral travesty that my prenatals were not covered by my health insurance! WTF?!

Brenda said...

I took the non-chewable Duets when I was pregnant. They had the usual nasty vitamin along with a DHA (fish oil) capsule. If they're combining them now into a chewable, YUCK!!! You might want to give the non-chewables another try.

mo-wo said...

I barely took any until trimester 2.. made a huge difference. Why they make 'em like that is too much for tri 1. id'yahts

Mom101 said...

My advice? It's not a birth control pill. Miss one, skip it. It's not worth the agony. (fwiw my OB took me off mine all together to help combat the nauseau, at least until 14 wks) Feel better, crankypants.