Thursday, May 04, 2006

Signs Point to Yes

We achieved Ferberization last night. After nearly two and half hours of crying, Lumpyhead fell asleep in his crib. It was miserable, but not nearly as miserable as the Hour of Horror a few nights ago.

Lumpyhead put up an impressive show of crying. He went from a steady, solid WTF?! WTF?! WTeverlovingF?! wail to Dude, this sucks complaining to a resigned Man, I guess they don't love me anymore slumber.

He woke up twice during the night, I went in and patted him, and he fell back asleep before I could go back in at the one minute mark. I'm calling that a blinding success, and I'm sure trumpeting about it will ensure we'll have no such luck tonight.

With regard to the nighttime waking, I think we combined the Man, I guess they don't love me anymore lesson with You're only getting Mommy - not Daddy - so what's the point in staying awake for that?

Because Lumpyhead? Could give a rat's ass about Mommy. Daddy is awesome. But Mommy? Meh.

Lumpyhead usually brightens when I come home, which is nice, but he obviously prefers Bump. Last night we both went in to comfort Lumpyhead during the Ferberizing, but it was Bump's shirt that Lumpyhead clung to with his tiny death grip. I would blame the Night of Horror for turning my son against me, but he's been firmly in Bump's camp since long before that.

Lumpyhead is starting to exhibit signs of separation anxiety, but only for Bump. If Bump leaves the room, Lumpyhead will reliably register his displeasure. I can leave the room without so much as a shrug of indifference from the boy. No ill effects result from taking Lumpyhead out of a room that Bump is occupying, but god forbid Bump decide to go take a leak.

I'm beginning to understand the phrase "I was in labor with you for __ hours and this is how you repay me?" Only my version goes something like "I was sober for nearly a year and your Dad gets all the love? I'll have you know he was busy drinking beer while your lungs were forming - those lungs you're now using to protest being left alone in a room with me, you ungrateful little shit."

I don't think my version is going mainstream any time soon.

See this, Mama? It's my right foot. R.
R is for Reject.
And Repudiate.
And Rebuff.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Ferber worked for us too. The first couple of nights blew, but one day it was easy.

I'm still not sure how it happened.

The boy loves you. It's just early rebellion. My kids screw with Gabe all of the time. Before we left they would pretend to wipe off his kisses. Then they laugh like crazy.

nonlineargirl said...

I am superstitious about discussing successes too. I'm convinced that mentioning it will make it go away, and waited about 2 weeks to tell my parents Ada was sleeping through the night.

Heather said...

That Ferber. Worked for us too. I had a hard time with it, but Brian was convinced it was the right thing to do. And sure enough, after a few days of hell Miles was sleeping through the night.

Sucks that Lumpyhead is acting to attached to Bump. My friend has a four-year old who apparently goes back and forth all the time prefering one parent over the other. Your time will come (but you might have to wait four years. . .)

Mom at Work said...

I love the bib!

Odd Mix said...

I like your version of the ""I was in labor with you..." rant.

I have heard many stories where that kind of bonding took place with a day care provider or babysitter. Ouch! At least he is holding on to one of his parents. Don't sweat it too much - like Sarah said, he loves you and there will be times that you are the only one he wants.

Mom at Work said...

How'd it go after softball last night? Lumpyhead and the big guy were both yawning when you guys were in the field in the top of the last inning.