Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An Imaginary Beer Tasting

Sarah answered my question of "Why does the third beer taste so much better than the first?" by 1) doubting the question's premise and 2) inviting me over to test it. In the interest of full disclosure, I also asked this question of Dad Gone Mad, but he changed the subject instead of answering my question, so Sarah definitely wins the title of Question Monarch.

I plan to prepare tasting notes, so I can empirically prove that the third beer is tastier than the first. Using a complex rating scale, I believe we can measure just how much tastier the third beer is, particularly if it is consumed within the same hour as the first.

Here's how I envision the tasting will go:

Beer One: Clear amber color. Strong nose. Bright malt flavor with a faint hop finish. Refreshing effervescence.
Overall score: 7.5

(Color Commentary: Beer One has "refreshing" going for it, which will be difficult for Beer Three to achieve. Early leader in the clubhouse, Beer One.)

Beer Three: Beery. Has bubbles. Is awesome.
Overall Score: Gobs

Summary: "Awesome." Beer One surely couldn't say that.

So there you have it, Beer Three will win by Gobs Minus 7.5. Take it to your bookie.

Now I wonder if Beer Six tastes better than Beer Four. . .


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am certainly willing to try.

Odd Mix said...

Probably depends on how soon on the heels of beer three, beers four and six come into play.

Jess Riley said...

For me, I'd probably lose all feeling in my taste buds by beer six, so I'd probably like beer three the best, too.