Friday, May 19, 2006

The Drinking Game Challenge - Game 1

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of The Drinking Game Challenge. In a previous post, I asked people to send me a list of the random stuff sitting around them, and I would craft a drinking game using those items.

What I didn't mention is that whatever lame-ass game I came up with, I will try to play it, provided I could find the items in your list. So, here goes.

Michele sent me this:
a half-filled coffee mug
a book of stamps
anti-bacterial gel in a pump bottle
a desk fan
some post-its.

While she didn't mention what the coffee mug was half-filled with, I'm gonna guess it's coffee. I'm not sure if the stamps are the sticker kind or the ones you have to lick, but I'm gonna guess sticker kind, because I don't think the post office even sells the licky kind any more.

I'm also assuming you have 1) beer or some beverage with which to play the game and 2) at least one other person to play with you (because drinking alone indicates some kind of problem, I guess).

The Random Shit and A Fan Game
Make sure the face of the fan is relatively clean. Too much dust on it will interfere with game play.

Select a player to go first, then he or she (let's say she) will:
1. Affix one stamp to the fan.
2. Dip another stamp in the coffee (dip the non-sticky side only, dumbass, or the stamp won't stick) and affix it to the fan.
3. Place a dollop of anti-bac gel on another stamp (again, non-sticky side. Do I really have to specify that?) and affix it to the fan.
4. Stick one post-it note to the fan.
5. Dip another post-it note in the mug contents, then stick in on the fan.
6. Dollop another post-it with anti-bac, stick it on the fan.

After the items are prettily arranged and relatively evenly spaced, all players toast the first player and take a drink while they admire her work.

Game Play:
Beginning with the Sticker/Arranger, each player selects an item in turn. You cannot choose an item another player has claimed; everyone must have his or her own item. The Sticker/Arranger turns on the fan, and everyone drinks until their item is blown off.

Begin another round with a new Sticker/Arranger, who sticks/arranges, chooses first, and turns on the fan. A player may select the same item he had last round, but only if no one before him has chosen it.

Continue at least until each player has the opportunity to be the Sticker/Arranger/Fan Turner On-er. The Fan Turner On-er can select the speed at which the fan will run (if the fan has more than one speed). You can use new stamps and Post-its each round, or use the same ones, adjusting your choice if necessary to accommodate lack of stickitude.

Advanced Version:
After selecting your item, declare whether you think it will blow off first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or last. If you are correct, assign that number of drinks. (e.g. You said your item would blow off second. It does. Assign two.) If you're wrong, drink the difference. (You said you item would blow off last. It blows off second. Drink four.)

Strategy Note:
If you are the Sticker/Arranger/Fan Turner On-er, you can press things to the fan as firmly or lightly as you wish. However, other players will be able to see that you seem more dedicated to making one item stick over another. You may fake it if you are able, but other players chose their items only after all items are affixed.

This game may be difficult if everything flies off the fan immediately. Please understand that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'll let you know how it goes, and post any adjustments that may be necessary.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

While I find you disturbingly creative, I plan on buying you some dice. This way you can always just play three man or Mexican.

Maybe I'll also buy you a deck of cards.

We really should have been friends in college. Ask Tammy and The Kaiser. I mean - I know you went Ivy League, but UCF had some serious games of Asshole.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I have five dice, a deck of cards, and a travel-size cribbage board in my briefcase right now.

You know, for those little emergencies.

Michele said...

I am definitely getting some dice for my desk. I loved the game, but could see myself losing track very quickly of who was the post-it and who was the sticky stamp, round after round.

You crack me up.