Monday, May 08, 2006

And the Winner Is . . .


My mother sent us a projection alarm clock - it beams the time in red numbers onto the wall or the ceiling. Her friend had one and she loved it, so my mother ordered one for me and my brother. She is enamored with being able to see the time in the dark.

I didn't tell her that we didn't need it. I have an alarm clock that works fine; the cable box in our bedroom displays the time, visible in the dark; and when my contacts are out, I can't see the projection anyway. But we put the thing on Bump's side of the bed and told my mother we were using it and liked it.

Lumpyhead, however, loves the projection alarm clock. Even when he's so cranky the movement of his own hands makes him cry, the red numbers on the ceiling fascinate him. He will always smile when he sees the projection.

This morning, I turned out the lights in our room so he could see the red numbers. "Do you see the clock?" I asked him.

"cuhcck," he said. "cuhcck."

I took him back later, and he said it again.

Not "mama" (no surprise there). Not even "daddy," "papa" or "dahdah" (kind of a surprise). Not "hi" (where the smart money was).


My mother is going to flip out.


nonlineargirl said...

Cool! (and psst, the boy let YOU hear it first)

la doctora said...

Though disappointed, we weren't too surprised when Pumpkin's 1st word was "dadoh" for Waldo our dog. Now that word can mean Waldo or cerealor melon-it's hard to tell sometimes.

Mom at Work said...

Next can only be "Bob." Say it with me LumpyHead, "Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob."

At least it wasn't "Tad."

Dutch said...

That's a great first word! Maybe he'll grow up and wear lederhosen and work for Omega or Rolex and blow those super long horns for recreation.

Hooray for the lumpyhead!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Mine both said "Dada" then (I shit you not) "Kittycat".

One wouldn't want to screw around with saying "ma" when you could say a three syllable word like "kittycat".