Friday, May 12, 2006

The Drinking Game Challenge

Peter and I once made up a drinking game using styrofoam cups and the extra buttons from my travel sewing kit.

We were attending a wedding in a rather remote spot. We had beer, but there wasn't much around to do, so we made up this game. It was a variation on Quarters and was called, cleverly enough, "Buttons." It went like this:

Arrange six styrofoam cups in a pyramid - Row of 3, Row of 2, Row of 1 - with the sides touching.

Bounce the button into one of the cups. A valid throw must bounce in front of the row containing three cups.

If the button lands in one of the three cups in the first row, you drink once.
If the button lands in the row of 2 cups, assign one drink.
If the button lands in the last cup, assign two drinks.

Shoot until you miss, then pass the button to the next player.

Buttons became quite popular, as there was nothing else to do. At one point there were at least twenty people playing this stupid game.

We made do with what we had; we only had styrofoam cups. (I have no idea why we had styrofoam cups.) Quarters knocked the targets over. Nickels did, too. We didn't have enough dimes. Buttons worked. We played it again later at home, but it lacked the thrill it had at that wedding. I guess you had to be there. (Or maybe it was because at home we had real shit to play with, so we didn't need to use styrofoam cups and some sad ass buttons to play drinking games.)

I like to think I have a knack for coming up with drinking games using random items on hand. In order to test this theory, I'm issuing a challenge: send me a list of random items you have sitting around your kitchen, office, desert island, or wherever you are. I'll design a drinking game using those items, but I reserve the right to include other common things one might expect to find in an office, home, or desert island, okay?

You can leave your list in the comments, or email me at [lumpyheadsmom at gmail dot com]*.

Hit me.

*(Does that work? The write-out-the-email-address instead of using the @ and the period? Because, damn am I getting a lot of spam.)


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We would just play drinking "War" with cards. It's a good two player drinking game.

You should always carry dice in your purse so this doesn't happen to you.

Heather said...

Okay, I am sitting at my desk at home. Around me are a glue stick, a fork, a stapler, two screws, a toner cartdridge and a pair of Miles's socks. Have at it.

Michele said...

A half-filled coffee mug, a book of stamps, anti-bacterial gel in a pump bottle, a desk fan, and some post-its.

Have at it, MacGiver.