Monday, April 07, 2008

The Weekly Breeder

I just passed a guy in the hallway who I haven't seen in a long time. It was a quick exchange. He asked how the baby was. "How old is he now?"

Then he said, "Wait, are you pregnant again?" (Which is normally a pretty dumb thing to ask, but since I look about 57 weeks pregnant right now,* he was pretty safe.)

The last time I talked to this guy was December 2004. I told him the "baby" was great, almost three. His - ahem - sister was fourteen months old, and yes, I'm due in August.

Dude looked a little startled.

Then we parted, and I still feel kinda dumb. I think I left that guy with the impression that I'm on some kind of ill-conceived (har) mission to populate the world with as many hapa children as I can in a four-year span.

*No, for real, Internet. I look very, very pregnant. Such that when I rode the metro a few weeks ago, my fellow passengers "tsk tsked" and scowled at all the seated riders who didn't stand up immediately. When a seat opened up and a clueless 50-something white guy sat down before I could get to it, there was nearly a riot.


Anne said...

But didn't you see that article about how a third child is a status symbol now? Better than Prada or Coach!

That guy's just major jealous of you.

(Also, for the record, I'm sure you look beautiful!)

Daddy L said...

I cause riots on public transit too. Okay, so I actually start them, but we're almost like brother and sister here!

E :) said...

Pleased to hear there are still some polite people on the metro!!!!

Ken and Belly said...

So you're saying... twins? ;) I AM SO KIDDING. (unless...?). Ha. STILL TOTALLY KIDDING.

If it was twins, though, you could totally claim a whole metro bench for yourself. If any riots started breaking out you could just say, "Who? Me? No, I'm already sharing this seat. With TWO other people!".

Em said...

OMG, if it was twins, you'd have totally fessed up by now, right? Right!

I think I would rather cough up the cash for a Prada bag than go through the hell of raising a third kid. I say this *for me* not for you. You haven't seen my kids in awhile.

That must have been what my friend meant when she said, "three is the new two." You are so ahead of yourself, LHM.

MoD said...

it's great to hear that people still pay attention to what's going on around them and stand up for someone who could use a little kindness.

mo-wo said...

I used to attend an annual media event each spring for work. Once I was pregnant, then next year on mat leave and year 3 pregnant again. I loved my collegue who asked me..
Exactly how long have you been pregnant?

Violet said...

I'm glad there are folks who're okay with having 3 or more kids. It means I don't have to feel bad for not contributing to the next generation, whose taxes will help support me in my old age.

Aunt Bob said...

Conversation chez Lumpyhead, circa 2004.

LHM: What do you want to do tonight, Bump?

Bump: Same thing we do every night....try to take over the world.

LHM: Narf. I know, we can flood the whole planet to the 39th floor.

Bump: Been done...think, think think. LHM, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

LHM: Well, I think so Bump, but how will all of their tiny clothes fit in a 2 bedroom apartment?

Julie said...

Ha! I don't have anything funnier than Aunt Bob's comment. I think your plan is totally better than anything the Brain ever came up with!