Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Crap, Part II

Dudes. Dudes! Check it out.

Look what I saw today:
Can you believe it? Real, live Pope-tarts. I know. I can hardly stand it.

And look what they're holding! Yep, that looks to be Pope-SWAG.


(This Papal visit is going to be the death of me. It's at least assuring that my immortal soul is going straight to hell.)


Anne said...

I want some Pope-swag!! I've decided that collecting religious kitsch is going to officially be my "thing" ... can you imagine the place of honor that a bobblehead pope would have?!

Mamma said...

Please tell me you stopped them to take their picture.

I freaking love you. I've been giggling about Holy Crap all day.

Aunt Bob said...

Like Anne, I also want to know what you told them when you took their photo.

Julie said...

That's why, if you're gonna be a heretic, you should be a PROTESTANT heretic -- there's no earthly power who can condemn you to hell.

xdm said...

I wish I thought of that.

Daddy L said...

I always wonder if the Pope takes down time. Surely he takes off his pointy hat and robes once in a while.

What does he wear when he's relaxing? I hope its sweats. Papal sweats.