Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marquis de Lula

Lula loves pictures of babies. She prefers photos of herself, of course, but any baby will do. When we were staying at Aunt Bob's, Lula spent nearly all her time pointing at Aunt Bob's bookshelf of pictures and squealing "Baby!" -- expecting to be brought closer to the delicious pictoral goodness.

We dug out some books featuring pictures of baby faces, books Lumpyhead once liked a lot but has long since ignored. Lula loves them, but particularly enjoys the pages that depict babies crying. She reacts excitedly to the books in general, but when we get to the part where the baby is sad or angry . . . she claps her hands and laughs.


Absolutely freaking hysterical.

I'd be worried about this, but I'm preoccupied by the fact that Lumpyhead yells "Mama!" while pointing to the picture on this page.
Then he says, "Heinie-butt."

My son thinks I'm an ass.

That, or he thinks it is my ass in the picture, which I guess is an enormous compliment.


Violet said...

It's best not to worry too much about what your kids say when they're that young. The boy used to take on an anxious expression every time my daughter said "one mummy, two daddies".

Em said...

Heinie Butt. Awesome on so many levels.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Maybe he just knows that you love the heinie butt.