Friday, April 25, 2008


One of the side effects of "repeat everything Lumpyhead says" is that he's now setting us up.

He still likes it when you repeat what he says, even demands it sometimes, but I feel like such a chump when he tricks me.

Lumpyhead: (eating mixed vegetables) It's a green bean, Mama!
Me: It's a green bean, huh?
Lumpyhead: NO! It's not a green bean, it's a pea. (Grins goofily.)


You know what else makes me feel like a chump? When I bid on something on ebay when there are five days left on the auction, then completely forget about it until I find out I've won the item, and end up paying more for shipping than is reasonable.

It results in stuff like this in my house.

Yes, it's missing a piece of track and the set should have a Mr. Incredible train car, but Lumpyhead loves it. He plays with the thing constantly.

Lumpyhead: (holding the second car) Monsters In-CORE-perated!
Me: Yep, Monsters, Inc.
Lumpyhead: This guy's name is Sarah.*
Me: His name is Sarah?
Lumpyhead: NO! His name not Sarah. His name is Sully.

Okay, got me again. Chump.

*Lumpyhead has internalized a little morality tale we told him once, and now thinks there is a monster who steals dolls.
Lumpyhead: What happened to the Buzz Lightyear at Ian and Claudia's, Mama?
Me: I don't know. What happened to the Buzz Lightyear at Ian and Claudia's?
Lumpyhead: Ian was naughty.
Me: Oh. Then what happened?
Lumpyhead: A monster came and took Buzz Lightyear away.
Me: Um, okay.
Bump: What's the monster's name?
Lumpyhead: Sarah.

Bump always presses the last point. I'm willing to let the story end with Buzz Lightyear going away because Ian misbehaved. Bump wants to make sure Lumpyhead is clear on the monster's name.


De in D.C. said...


Julie said...

Sarah is pretty scary.

merseydotes said...

I like the idea of Sarah riding the tiny train with Sully and Mike Wazowski.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Dude. Tell Lumpyhead to pick his damn toys up when I tell him to or the monster might come East and throw away the broken train.