Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where I've Been

Let's see, since Thursday, I have done the following:

  • Dealt with the aftermath of an evening with tequila. (Cleaning up the kitchen turned out to be the easiest part. See Flickr for a guide to this photo.)

  • Played softball, where the MVP was "awarded" a large can of malt liquor at the end of the game. (Klassy. Also, thank god I muffed that throw to first base.)

  • Gone to the zoo, where Lumpyhead saw rocks. He also saw elephants, all three pandas, and ate lunch at Zoo Bar, but he was most excited about the rocks. (I was most excited about lunch at Zoo Bar.)

  • Been forced to watch a Thomas video that Aunt Bob lent us at least 25 times. It's all songs, all the time, except for two non-musical stories which Lumpyhead treats as intermissions. The songs are very, very bad. Aunt Bob did ask, upon handing it over, if I was sure I really wanted it. (I didn't. I was warned. My bad. But the Rolodex Game on Tequila Night, aka the Nail in the Hangover Coffin, was totally Aunt Bob's fault. All. Her. Fault.)

  • Begun making preparations for Lumpyhead's birthday party on Thursday. (Wanna come? It's in the park across the street.)

Tomorrow, I will pick up my parents from the airport. They'll be here for nearly a week.

I may need more tequila.


Bump said...

SCREW THAT! LHM didn't clean up the kitchen the morning after Tequila Night '07 Sponsored By Bad Idea Jeans--I did. LHM was too busy trying to decide if she was still drunk or not (answer: youbetcha).

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Bump's right, I'm a jerk. No wonder I thought cleaning the kitchen was so easy.

Upside Up said...

i'd say if you can still drink tequila this close to tequila night, you didn't drink enough tequila on tequila night.

happy birthday lumpyhead!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I may come to the birthday (need more info) but I am NOT drinking anymore tequila.

Daddy L said...

I will come to LH's party only if the Tequila flows freely. Otherwise, I'll just send an eCard.

eCards, the modern way to say "I'm really cheap and totally forgot it was your [insert special occasion here]. But I'm thinking about you, barely."

Happy Birthday Lumpyhead!

Devra said...

Had I not been obsessed with searching the Internet for a Gnome outfit for Sarah, I'd have made it to LH's party. Happy B'day my man! Happy B'day!

Sarah says she has sworn off Tequila, but once I find the perfect Gnome costume, I bet she'll change her mind.