Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's the 16th of May

which is hard to believe,
I'm supposed to be out
on maternity leave.

I've had Dr. Seuss in my head all morning:

I should not be here.
I should not be about.
I should not be here
so I’ll gripe, scowl and pout.

Maternity Leave, Part II was supposed to start today, at the latest. Yet I am at work. Oh, the disappointment, how it burns.

When I left home today, Lula grinned at me from the changing table, her chubby little legs drawn up to her tummy and her arms waving.

To offer an additional punch to the gut, as I walked into the building a baby girl in a pink frilly dress waited for the elevator with her mommy and granny nanny. As I walked up the stairs, she started to wail, and I nearly joined in.

By tomorrow afternoon this should all be over, and Maternity Leave, Part II can start on Friday. I hope.

Yes, mother, do come home so I can shun you in favor of my papa, just like my brother does.


Em said...

Nice duds, Lula.
Nice post, Mama.

Melissa said...

Lula is freaking CUTE.

So sorry you're still at work today, but I imagine you're saving the country from utter ruin. (I imagine that's always what you're doing.)

Ken and Belly said...

Hey! More Lula! Yay!

Amomynous said...

Lula! She made me smile.

Auntly H said...

Boo for jobs with no regard for the people who do them.

Hooray for cute baby photos! They might just trigger some more hand-knitting...

Violet said...

My daughter has always preferred her daddy too (until recently when separation anxiety set in), and I'm the one who stays at home with her.

E :) said...

I want to nibble Lula's cheeks.

Upside Up said...

oh suckage. sorry you were trapped at work today. good luck getting it all wrapped up. cute cute cuteness lula. heavens.