Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pitty Blue Hut

Lumpyhead pooped in the potty!


More accurately, Lumpyhead pooped whilst commando, and we caught it in the toilet. I wouldn't call it potty training, exactly; we’re just getting better at timing when to put the toilet bowl beneath his flourishing, surgically embiggened butthole.

The first time we caught the poop in the toilet, he sat on the throne with a little resistance. This time, he fought us like a belligerent drunk, and it took both Bump and me to hold him in the right position.

But only a small portion of the poop landed on the floor. And it meant we didn’t have to ball up a large load of steaming hot crap in his diaper and genie it, we could flush it away with great fanfare and much waving and wishing the poop well.

Bump is so proud he can hardly stand it. Not so much because Lumpyhead pooped in the potty, but because it was such a gigantic shit that it clogged the toilet.

Lumpyhead with his “pitty blue hut.” (That’s your cue to say, “Yes, that’s a very pretty blue hat.”)

Behold the insert for the potty chair we bought after the first time we caught his poop with the toilet bowl he pooped in the potty. We can’t get him to sit on the damn thing for more than four seconds, but he’ll parade around the house wearing something that’s destined to be smeared with feces on his head.


Violet said...

The first time our daughter said "I got poo", about six seconds after she tried to lift herself from the high chair to avoid contact with the oncoming turd, I was quite sure that toilet training was only days away. Since then however, she's said it several times and it's turned out to be a false alarm. I don't get it - she doesn't even like letting me check her nappy, so why cry poo?

Auntly H said...

Hut is hat in German. I think Lumpyhead is just trying to show me that he's better at learning multiple languages than I am. Sigh....

Gidge said...

What is it with little kids and giant poops?
It's like a freak show.

Regardless, Happy MOTHER'S DAY!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Good luck. Mine just turned three and I can't get them to do anything in the toilet.


stefanierj said...

Cheeses crust, that kid isn't even two? D will only poop in the diaper, despite lucrative offers of ToddlerSmack--er, I mean jellybeans. And he really knows how to work a room--I will swear on a stack o' Bibles that he saved some pee from his first trip to the potty just to score another 3 jellybeans.

He gets that from his daddy's side.

Becky said...

Yay, Lumpyhead!