Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Day of Maternity Leave, Another Morning Spent Away from the Baby

I'm probably doing it wrong.

Lumpyhead and I went to the Natural History Museum this morning. He saw the big elephant ("Heinie!" - yeah, I don't get that one, either) and fossils ("Dinosaurs! Roar!"). Then we went outside where we ate a pretzel ("Yummy!"), saw jets flying in formation ("Airplanes!"), and walked on the gravel pathway ("Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!") three steps at a time before we had to stop and pick up more rocks.

Then I pulled out a juice box with Cookie Monster on it and Lumpyhead nearly had an aneurysm of joy. If the juice box had Elmo on it, his head may have exploded.
Lumpyhead and his pretzel greet you from Maternity Leave, Part II in our Nation's Capital.


Em said...

I don't think you can do maternity leave wrong. Of course, I could be wrong but I think joy for Lumpyhead is joy for all!

Michele said...

That sounds like the perfect day to me.

MAternity leave is for taking care of your kids. I dont think you have to specify which one.

nonlineargirl said...

That strong preference for a particular character thing? That is my life right now. (background:) We normally use cloth diapers, but on a whim I bought a bunch of disposables on Amazon (so cheap, with the $20 off and the free shipping!). We use them at night, but Ada is growing faster than I thought and so we've gone all disposables for a few weeks to run through them.

(my point:) Ada has developed a STRONG preference for the Ernie diapers. Bert is good too, but woe is me if I try to offer her a choice of "red monster" (ha! our kid doesn't know elmo's name!) and big bird. Why can't they make "all ernie" packs? And how scared am I about our eventual return to the character free cloth diapers? (Very)