Friday, May 18, 2007

The Torte, Us, and the Hair

The Torte
(okay, it's really a tart, the bakery didn't have any tortes.*)

Proving once again that I am the World's Shittiest Photographer. My T-Rex arms are too short to get both Bump and me in the shot.

The Hair: Before

The Hair: After
(both Lumpyhead and Lula were napping during the after shot, so it's just me.)

*yes, I bought cake just so I could use this title. Shut up. And it's not even cake, it's a fruit tart; I plan to get actual cake later. Again with the you shutting up. A haircut is a fine excuse for cake. And yes, I donated the hair to Locks of Love.


Fran said...

I love your haircut!

I have been visiting your blog and really enjoy it.....I live in Maine and was driving home today after leaving the beach in SC. I thought about you as I was stuck in traffic in Washington off and on for 3 hours today!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! It looks so cute!!!

I really love it. Way to go.

I have also recently gotten a short cut. Mine is *really* short ... like, think Melissa Etheridge. (um ... think "cancer lesbian". Yeah, that sounds attractive ...)

And in the process I got all my old hair color cut off, so I'm all natural silver/gray now. I'm embracing it! God gave it to me so it must be good, right? (Too bad God didn't give me enough money to maintain the blonde highlights properly.)

I will come over and show you one day during Maternity Leave II.


Auntly H said...

Hot mama!!!

Ken and Belly said...

Yesterday's post could have been: "Hair today, gone tomorrow" :)

stefanierj said...

If you hear a very faint wolf whistle, that's me. it's just a durn long way from Salt Lake City to DC. I LUUURVE the haircut, obviously.

I am, however, a little pissed that someone can look that freaking cute mere months after spawning baby #2. SOME PEOPLE.

Momus Anonymous said...

Love the cut. Want to eat the tart. Notice your too-short arms get you in the picture, not bump, but can't he squat for the cause?

- ;) Shelly

whymommy said...

Gorgeous new hair! Love it!

I'm sporting new post-baby duds, but not hair yet. Excellent idea....

Michele said...

Cute haircut.

I am getting caught up and I just wanted to recommend "Jack's Big Music Show" to LPH> They dojnt go more than two minutes or so without a new song. My kids love it. Its on Noggin every day (noonish, I think? I Tivo it so I am not sure when it comes on.)

Alison said...

Did you donate the cut hair? It looks great.

Upside Up said...

love the haircut. looks like they got more than your hair, though -- lumpyhead is gone!

nice title. clever lhm.

t-rex arms. ha!

merseydotes said...

The hair looks great.

You know, La Madeleine actually makes a Sacher Torte. In case you ever want to do this again. Or in case you want something ridiculously chocolatey and delicious.

Alison said...

Oh, I just saw that you did donate it. Somehow I missed that before. That looks like some good, healthy hair for a wig.