Tuesday, May 01, 2007


On Lumpyhead's throwing abilities

There's a little creek that runs near our house, and one of Lumpyhead's favorite activities is to throw pebbles into the water. He uses both arms to throw (much to Bump's delight) but is much better with his right than his left (much to Bump's chagrin).

He can't always get his rock into the water, but somehow he's always able to nail me between the eyes with his toys once we get inside. I've taken several shots to the forehead from close range in recent days, one from a wooden block and another from a hard plastic ball.

On Lumpyhead's communication skills

His verbal range is growing. We can't always understand him, but he's putting words together. Sometimes the effect is heart-breaking, like when he's wailing in his crib and adds "I cry," to his lament. Other times it's delightful, like when he asks to kiss Lula, "Beebee kiss!" and then adds "Sweet," after he's delivered his smooch.

He's the Supreme Master of the Obvious. He's using words to identify birds and buses and balls and balloons (except it's pretty much the same word). He also yells "Beebee seepy!" (Yes, baby is sleeping) right next to Lula's head a lot. Astonishingly, she doesn't always wake up.

Then there's this, following a certain distinctive sound:
Lumpyhead: Papa haaaaarted.
Bump: That's right! Papa farted.

We're totally encouraging that one.


laurie said...

birds, buses, balls, balloons, baby. the 5 B's. nice.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

He knows the important things, except beer.

nonlineargirl said...

I love that they feel the need to tell us that they are crying. During the 15 minute struggle to get Ada to put clothes on yesterday, between wailing and thrashing about she said "cry!" several times.

I told her that I knew she was crying, but we were still putting her pants on.