Friday, June 20, 2008

Triumph Has Nothing on Lumpyhead

When the tormentors have the misfortune of riding in my car (as opposed to the Nirvana on Wheels that is Papa's Car), Lumpyhead spends most of the drive asking for things that Bump stocks as car standards but I don't carry.

"I want animal crackers." Sorry Bud. No crackers. I might have a breath mint, though.

"I want to listen to ABCs music." Um, don't have that, either. How about some All Things Considered? I bet Robert Siegel could take They Might be Giants in a knife fight.

Last night, though, I was able to whip out a tiny box of animal crackers that I had stashed in my glove box. (Yay! Gold star for Plan Ahead Mama!) While they were a different brand than Lumpyhead is used to, he took great delight in pulling out animals and announcing what they were.

"It's a hippopotamus!" Okay. Hi hippopotamus.

"It's an otter!" Really? They make otters?

While I totally rocked the animal cracker test, I still don't have any CDs in my car. When the demand for MUSIC descended from on high, Plan Ahead Mama choked. My usual default is the classical station, but "No LIKE violin music" and "No LIKE piano music" left me surfing the horrible easy listening options on over-the-air radio.

"It's guitar music." Yep, we found some James Taylor.

Following James Taylor? Kokomo by the Beach Boys.

"It's Papa music!"

HA! Your father is going to be so pissed when I tell him. Which I am going to do the very minute I see him, because: HA!

Bump was indeed horrifically insulted when I relayed the story.

And he should be insulted. Bump's taste in music is very cool.* (Mine is not. I knew all the words to Kokomo.)

*For Lumpyhead to POOP ON

Oh, and lest you think my children are still sitting in my car from Saturday: I totally nailed the Double-Nap Transfer. I left the car running and took Lula in, put her in bed, then went back out for Lumpyhead. I realize a car thief could have jumped in and driven off with my son (and his camel), but I took the risk. I went with Lula first, thinking that Lumpyhead was less likely to be traumatized if he woke up in the car by himself.

Now if I can just remember to put a CD in my car. Also, I need to get another box of animal crackers. Do they make an All Otter version? Because apparently otters are the tastiest. Except I don't think that was really an otter.


Anne said...

Were they the real, official "circus" animal crackers that come in the red and yellow box with the string handle? I think that box has a seal in it -- that probably looks a little bit like an otter.

Those are actually my favorite packaged cookies ever. I buy a box for myself almost every time I go to the grocery store.

Em said...

My money's on John and John in the knife fight. Game on!

Violet said...

We have animal biscuits (cookies in North American lingo) - they're shaped like animals and have really unhealthy-looking highly coloured icing on one side. Is that what your animal crackers are like?