Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Scored a free babysitter and saw the Incredible Hulk last night.

Bump and I narrowed our choices to either the extraordinarily likable Steve Carell in Get Smart or the extraordinarily lickable Edward Norton in Hulk. When we got to the theater, Hulk was starting right then, but Get Smart started in 30 minutes, so Hulk won.

It wasn't bad actually. Very adequate summer blockbuster. Lots of CGI, some funny moments, definitely worth the effort if you've got a free babysitter.

Also: Lou Ferrigno. Much to my surprise, he's not dead. He looks a lot better than I would have guessed (not a high hurdle, I suppose, since I thought he was dead).


Anne said...

Many things to say here:

1. Call me a geek (because you know that I am) but I actually think Steve Carrell is hotter than Edward Norton. I'm not saying that I'd turn Edward Norton out of my bed ... but if I had to choose I'd pick Steve Carrell.

2. I want to see Get Smart too! I will be your backup date if Bump bails on you.

3. Lou Ferrigno isn't dead?! For real? I definitely thought he was dead. Maybe Bill Bixby is dead ... that was the original "pre-Hulk" Hulk guy. Now that I think about it, that sounds vaguely familiar -- like he had some kind of cancer or something. I think Lou Ferrigno is DEAF, and Bill Bixby is DEAD.

Em said...

I was just about to remind you about Bill Bixby but Anne said it much better.

bozoette said...

Likeable, lickable... A fine, but important, distinction.