Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry If This Is TMI

I've heard that pregnancy is supposed to give you vivid and erotic dreams. That hasn't really happened for me.

I guess all that blogging about body shots must have done the trick, because last night I finally had a sex dream.

The Star? Bump.

I think I did it wrong.

No offense, Honey. I think you're hott - and so does my subconscious, obviously - but having a sex dream about your husband is like using a vacation day to go to the office.

Not that you're "work." Um, quick! Somebody give me a better analogy.


vuboq said...

Ooh! ooh! I know! I know! Having a sex dream about your [partner] is like being in Belgium and buying a Hersheys bar. It's still sweet and delicious, but you're in BELGIUM for CHRISSAKES!!! *sheesh*

talkingbudgie said...

Having a sex dream about your partner is like being a diabetic in a chocolate factory.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Count your blessings. One of my pregnant sex dreams was a three way with Brian Urlacher and Elizabeth Hurley.

Devra said...

I was fine about reading your sex dream. I am completely traumatized beyond recognition by reading Sarah's.

Tha is not a dream, that is a fucking NIGHTMARE. Pun intended.